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Welcome to OriginallyMsGuided or as I say OMG! Is this my life?  Through my years on this planet, I have made some wise choices, and some not so wise choices. Through it all, I try to keep a sense of humour and look upon life as a learning opportunity – sometimes I learn a bit more, ok  A LOT more, than I planned to.

I am a first generation Indo – Canadian, born and raised in Vancouver, BC, Canada and currently residing in the vast metropolis that is Toronto. Do I always love it? No! Of course not, I miss home. However, I have a beautiful daughter, great partner and wonderful friends here now. It just took some time for me to pull my head out of my ass and realize that Toronto wasn’t so bad after all.

I have dealt with marriage within my community and divorce. Currently I am in an interracial relationship (my partner is Chinese-Vietnamese), common-law and have a daughter (and yes, my daughter is absolutely stunning).  OMG! What will people say? What must they think? My parents must be dying of shame right? Well not quite, living 3000 miles away from them and everyone they know, helps. So did having my gorgeous and completely wild baby, who is their only grandchild, so far.

My beautiful, incredible, strong, super intelligent, amazing (too many superlative? I don’t think so – she’s my kid and I can brag all I want, you brag about yours too, I’ve heard you!) daughter was born very premature at 26 weeks and 0 days. She was what is called a “micro-preemie” and weighed 800g at birth, spent 14 weeks in the NICU and changed my life, inspiring me to try to be a better person. (I said inspired not instantly became, what’s with the eye roll?)

An interracial relationship and raising a child of mixed ethnicity isn’t always easy but there are more and more of us out there and I swear, pretty soon the gene pools will be pretty diluted and all our offspring will be “mutts”.  (I know someone out there thinks I am politically incorrect but that’s ok) I do think that everyone can relate in some way to my stories as we are all more alike than different. At the end of the day, we are women, partners and moms who love our children beyond what we thought was possible.

Come with me as I journey through life, try products, recipes, travel to places near and far and most of all – parent without screwing my kid up completely.

I try to eat healthy but I am certainly not a health geek. I continually strive to be a better mom but from time to time, I give my child chocolate milk (eek! at least it’s not pop right?) and let her stay up past her bedtime. She even sleeps with me some nights, and I really see nothing wrong with it- so there!  I like to learn about new products and gizmos but am not a tech guru. I enjoy money saving tips but sometimes overspend. Travel is my passion and I have been lucky to travel quite a bit but not yet enough. These days, it’s all about learning how to manage it with a small child.  Sometimes my greatest trip is just down the street for lunch with a gal pal or a play-date with my daughter’s friends in the park.

I don’t pretend to be a “know it all” or have the best, latest and greatest. I am just an average woman, partner, mom and friend in a big city,  who likes writing, wants to take some photos and thinks videos are fun. Sometimes I even have “drama” in my real life with friends and family. Trust me, I prefer it on tv.

I will have some fun giveaways and discounts for my wonderful readers. I pledge that I will only recommend products that I honestly believe in, have tested and have paid for myself.  Well, unless some generous folks give me stuff for free but then, I will still only endorse those that will sustain or build my reputation and fall within my scope of interest and knowledge. If I don’t feel comfortable giving a rave review of a product or service, I won’t . Unless of course the supplier is ok with me giving me an honest write-up with the good and bad. I was always told, “If you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything at all”.  I don’t want to harm a business but I also will not lie or exaggerate. I am known for telling it how it is but I am learning to be more diplomatic. It is easier to be truthful about a negative experience if I was not provided it for free or compensated in anyway. If I spend my money on something and it sucks, you are darn right I will say something and I have the right. However, if you are the business and disagree, and feel I was unfair, please contact me.

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I look forward to hearing from you and please give me feedback so I can get better at this thing called blogging.


Yours Truly,


Ms Amar aka OrginallyMsGuided